BAS Software

True efficiency stems from accountability and accurate reporting.  BAS partners with a unique development team and database architects that have devised a method to build and apply cost effective internal and external communication boards to help manage and oversee day to day business operations. Imagine the power you can provide your management team with when they can from any internet terminal access real time numbers, customer counts and project management tools. Our database programs provide business operators with the power to make decisions using real time information.

Customer Programs

Evaluate for yourself how much time and money it costs to ensure that your customer sales processes, customer rewards programs and customer satisfaction programs are managed properly. Customized database applications ensure that customers are being taken care of as desired and that accurate reporting is provided for quality control purposes and proper account management.


Internal Communication Boards

BAS believes that streamlining and increasing business communication can be a profitable means of eliminating wasted time and capitalizing on wasted dollars. From small independent businesses to large franchise operations, custom databases provide an accurate means of accounting for the time and effort of staff and directing individuals to the work that requires their attention. Imagine if when a project came in, every party received an automatic email notifying them of what needs to be done and directing them to where to apply the project once complete. Your business could not only increase its efficiency; but management could oversee a project from any computer they can access internet from. The power of an internal communication board and project management system is unmatched.

Financial Management Programs

All businesses are tasked with the endless duty of accounts receivable and payable. This timely and costly necessity can often overwhelm a business large or small, leaving business operators without the financial information needed to make the best decisions for their business. Imagine if all information from initial invoicing all the way through to the collection of funds was properly categorized and reported on in real time. This information system would allow for accurate, instant decision making and allow businesses to make educated choices that reflect their best interests. Through our partnership, architects work with your business, providing financial management that has to be seen to be believed.


All business operators require accurate reporting to effectively run their business. Few however actually have a means of accessing the correct information without great effort, and ever fewer have the ability to review real time information. Architects, real time reporting and immediate delivery for your business in multiple departments is just one click away. This system, which includes a cost effective customized database, shows exactly what you need when you need it.


Custom Applications

Utilizing a custom database and internal communication board, BAS offers businesses a more efficient and accountable means of operating. Standard format databases are not a good fit for every business as you may only be utilizing a small portion of what they offer but still paying the full cost. Instead, let BAS and our business partners build your company a custom platform and database to match your exact needs, which may include integrated internal communication programs, marketing strategies and customer support programs, and online training and efficiency based programs. In addition to a custom approach to your business needs, BAS will design custom documents and forms tailored to your requirements and provide you with a cost effective means of monitoring your business remotely. When internal communication boards and efficiency based custom business programs come on board, your business will reap the rewards of real time reporting. Downloadable documentation securely restricts access, providing the protection needed to promote a more efficient internal operating system and the financial savings of only printing necessary paperwork. This process also makes it easy to access information previously created, and creates an automated online reporting means of monitoring your business when you can’t be there.

Financial Reporting

BAS believes in the value created by weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual reporting. Knowing your business finances allows you to make the best decisions for your company. As every business is different and requires different financial reports, BAS tailors its customized system so that it can provide real time reporting to clients. Accessing an information system as detailed and precise as this provides businesses with the opportunity to access their financial documentation with the simple click of a button.The best decisions you can make for your business come from accurate, detailed financial reporting, and BAS is equipped to provide you with just that.