Payroll, Remittances and Statement of Remuneration Paid (T4’s)  

Payroll is usually the largest expenditure that a company has. It is extremely important to ensure that employees are paid accurately and on time to keep your business running smoothly. Outsourcing your payroll needs eliminates this problem by ensuring pay cheques are calculated correctly while maintaining confidentiality. BAS can arrange for you to print cheques and pay stubs onsite or to have funds transferred directly into employee’s bank accounts to eliminate unnecessary paperwork on your end.  Remittances are calculated and paid on time, eliminating late charges and penalties, and year end requires no extra work on your part as we produce the T4’s, reconcile your tax accounts and remit the T4 filing to Revenue Canada.  


Benefit Plan Administration

BAS has a Human Resource professional on staff that will do the research to find the right benefit plan to match your employee’s needs, as well as administering existing plans. This ensures that your employees have the correct coverage and that the plan is administered correctly. Problems such as still paying for employees that have long since left your organization or waiting to sign a new employee up due to a waiting period can affect your bottom line. Using BAS ensures employee benefit plans are correctly chosen and administered.


Fiscal Year End  

No matter when your company year end falls, BAS will make it as painless as possible by ensuring that all the external needs are met and that we have the correct information on hand to facilitate the appropriate filings and produce year end numbers for your business. Organization is a key element in ensuring that month to month and fiscal year end merit the rewards of experienced staff representing your company. BAS understands how hard businesses work for every dollar brought in, and it is our goal to ensure that your business runs efficiently, accounts for all dollars spent and retains the maximum amount of profit. All year end fillings handled by BAS will be filed by a Chartered Accountant.