Business Assessments

Business Overview

Utilizing the GAP analysis, BAS reviews where your business “gaps” are by comparing actual performance with potential performance. This overview of your business allows us to analyze your specific inefficiencies and weak spots, proposing solutions in each individual department. The information being identified through the GAP analysis is customizable for each business we work with.

Once complete, the GAP analysis will be provided to the client with a full outline, detailing suggested solutions to help increase business efficiency and overall revenues. This method is ideal for getting your business to produce at a higher level as it helps your staff understand what the expectations are for their performance.  Contact a BAS representative to find out more about other businesses that have utilized this service successfully.

Business Review

Often one of the most powerful business analytic tools we can provide is an accurate report of your existing business structure. This review will outline all details including staffing, cash flow, procedures, current expenses, reimbursement policies, etc. This review identifies your current business structure from start to finish, providing an accurate chart of your existing processes and tasks performed by individual departments and employees operating in your business. Once complete, the detailed organizational chart is analyzed and compared to your company’s existing policies and procedures.

Evaluating and reviewing your business ensures that every process in your organization has been identified, understood and is being executed properly, helping to ensure your success. Following the business review, BAS further evaluates week points, offering solutions and utilizing the information collected in order to clearly identify what steps need to be taken to help achieve your desired business goals.

Business Strategy

A professional business strategy is a comprehensive plan that outlines the fundamentals for ongoing business. BAS has designated professionals who will work with you to complete a business strategy, establishing and identifying your current business structure and practices. Utilizing business development tools such as a SWOT analysis, BAS is able to devise a goal oriented strategy, construct future projections, estimate future cash flows and expenses, alter current policies and procedures and identify individual job descriptions according to the defined strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and needs of the company.

Our integrated development team and customized strategies allow businesses to quickly transition and implement effective strategies that generate the right results. Throughout this process, our reporting and continued analysis programs provide businesses with peace of mind of knowing that real change has positively impacted them.

GAP & FIT Analysis

Utilizing trained professionals to evaluate a business through a GAP analysis provides operators with the ability to measure actual business performance with its potential performance. This process provides information on how their current business could better perform, and provides BAS with the data needed to properly advise on the future direction of the business.

A FIT GAP analysis allows BAS to measure system requirements and applications to determine if your current systems will accommodate further growth potential or if expansion and third party services would be a more cost effective means of attaining your business goals. Utilizing this FIT analysis is imperative when developing an effective business strategy for future growth.