Bookkeeping & Accounting

Bookkeeping Execution

Our bookkeeping services empower business operators by providing access to relevant information and reporting data with the simple click of a button. Your business success is driven from the analytics that you have access to. No longer should business owners require lengthy reports to be pulled from a standard accounting program. BAS helps businesses analyze accurate data in real time.

In today’s workplace, business operators often get by with weekly or monthly summaries to make the business decisions that financially impact the company. BAS understands that evaluating a report at the beginning or the end of the week does not necessarily help you when making business decisions even a day later as information may have drastically changed. Our reporting system runs off a customized template designed to provide real time numbers by simply logging in and reviewing them as required.


Simply Accounting & QuickBooks

Let BAS assume all your business financials for you. Whether you require BAS to take over your existing system or recommend and manage new accounting software, we have the ability to securely handle your account. BAS can maximize the use of your existing license as well as providing training where required and full service bookkeeping when needed.

BAS can manage your business financials through accurate day to day bookkeeping procedures. Whether you require onsite services or remote support, we can design and implement an accounting program that will provide you with the reporting you need.

New Business Setup  

Starting a new company or business requires numerous forms to be completed to ensure that all your bases are covered.  All you need to provide is the relevant information and BAS will deal with all the external sources to ensure that your company is registered with the correct organizations (GST, payroll, etc.), allowing you to concentrate on your new business. Our team ensures that all the necessary documentation required to operate will be filled out and filed properly. BAS professionals understand individual market specialties and will ensure your individual business is set up in the most cost efficient manner.



Whether you want weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual financial statements, BAS can ensure your needs are met. It is difficult to operate a business profitably without being aware of and on top of your operating costs. We can provide you with actual costs and budgets required to identify the variances, giving you a better understanding of your financial status. BAS recommends the integration of a custom database, allowing you to view your business in real time with the ability to pull reports with the click of a button.


Business Closures & Reconciliation

If for any reason you have decided to sell your business, close it down, consolidate or merge with another business, BAS can help you with this process. Whether it is completing your annual financial statements or contacting the necessary external sources, BAS can take the anxiety away by performing the required tasks efficiently to make the process easier for you.